Today’s Teens Conference 2021 General Schedule

All times are in Eastern Standard Time

9:30Pre-Conference Party
10:00Kickoff Celebration & Worship
10:25Main Session – Reimagining Ministry to Next Generation with Finu Iype
11:15Break / Exhibit Hall / Castle Lounge
11:35Breakout Option with Interactive Q&A

  1. How to Leverage Digital Platforms to Minister to Youth (Joanna la Fleur)
  2. How to Get Youth to Read and Engage with God’s Word (Dr. Dave Overholt)
  3. Partnering with Parents in Raising Disciples (Natalie Frisk)
  4. 21 TikTube – How We Do Outreach/Evangelism Today (Shawn Naylor)
  5. Anti-Racism & Reconciliation Awareness: What Youth Workers Need to Know (Joel Gordon & Andrew Thunder)
  6. Helping Youth Workers Reveal Hope To Youth Who are Wrestling with Mental Health Today (Ben Courson)
  7. Bringing Hope to At-Risk & Violent Youth (Paul Bartley)
  8. Prayer that Impacts a City and a Generation (Jason Persaud)
  9. Who Put the dope in the dopamine: Understanding Risk Culture, Faith and the Teenage Brain (Dr. Blake Martin)
  10. Mentoring Youth in Turbulent Times (Kaarina Hsieh)
12:40Lunch Break / Exhibit Expo / Castle Lounge / Debrief with Your Team
1:35Insights for Ministering to the Next Generation & Awarding of the John H. Wilkinson Award (Nominate Now a Veteran Vocational Youth Ministry Leader)
2:10Transition Break
2:15Breakout Option with Interactive Q&A

  1. Social Media, Discipleship & Youth (Alex Dion Wilson)
  2. Re-shape Your Culture: 4 Responsibilities Every Youth Worker Must Embrace (Sid Koop)
  3. Why Spiritual Disciplines Should be the Core of Your Youth Ministry and Beyond (Jon Thompson)
  4. Hello Hope: Helping Youth Battling Loneliness and Isolation Before, During and After COVID-19 (Aubrey Noronha)
  5. Finding Renewal from Discouragement and Burnout (Marianne Deeks)
  6. Ministering to Young People with Disabilities (Chelsey Zylla)
  7. Building Authentic and Lasting Faith in Teens (Matt Wilks)
  8. The Art of Listening to Youth (Iona Snair)
  9. Every Nation, Every Tribe – A biblical framework for race-based conversations (Geninne Tatum Bridge)
  10. Top Ten Tips for Making Sense of Jr. High Ministry (Kurt Johnston & Scott Rubin)
3:20Break / Exhibit Hall / Castle Lounge
3:40Fun, Resources and the Voices of Frontline Youth Workers
3:50Main Session 2 – Reveal, Renewing and Responding in Youth Ministry
3:50* Chris Chase – Revealing and Responding to Racism in ministry with youth
3:50* Lisa Pak – Renewing the importance of developing biblically rooted youth
3:50* Brett Ullman – Responding to issues & reality of Mental Health impacting youth ministry
5:00Special Closing Celebration
5:30Reflection – Worship with Sanctus Church